Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions.

EduPlus is a Student-Centric, comprehensively-resourced school Management System that unifies educators, learners, managers, administrators and parents/ funders’ communication so as to reduce resource overheads, maximises learning time and track learners’ performance in real-time.

The solution covers all institutions from Pre-school, Primary, Secondary to Tertiary level. It also manages Vocational and Technical Training Center as well as Sports Academies.

Yes, EduPlus can be customized according to your institution’s needs and specific business requirements. INDEX owns 100% of the system’s source code and so our team of developers are ready to tailor the solution  to your fit.

Hosted in the same trusted world-class data centers that houses your sensitive data like banking and insurance, we assure you that your data is fully secured.  All data to and from the servers is under end-to-end encryption and so your data can never get intercepted.  Enjoy ubiquitous information  accessible 24/7 between Teachers, Administrators, Students and Parents on and off campus with peace of mind.

Yes, EDUPlus can be installed on-premise but such a setup has limited functionalities and attracts high setup (infrastructure) and maintenance costs.  For the system to be accessible securely and reliably online, servers, public IP addresses, power and internet redundant links are required as well as technical expertise – usually on-premise installations are offline giving limited reports and eliminating the other modules like the Parents and Students Portals, real-time SMS and email notifications, detailed analytical reports, real time class management etc.

To run Eduplus in your institution, you don't require any software installation ,the system is entirely web-based and designed to simplify your daily school operations.

 Eduplus offers you with a spectacular after sale service in which they provide you with a proper onboarding training with multiple sessions of training once you sign up with us . We are always a phone call ,email ,chat away 24/7 to assist you in time of need.. You can connect with Eduplus experts any time through the call, email, chat and also raise the ticket on Eduplus Support Portal