Student Billing

Fee Scheduling

 EDUPlus provides your instituition with a finance management tool in which you can pre-define all your fee types as per your enrollment types  and also select whether the fee will affect everyone(GLOBAL) or a selected few. In addition to enrollment based billing earners can also be billed according to the subjects that they are assigned to thereby removing the billing headache from the school.

Fee Scheduling

You can schedule it for the short-run and long-run. Talk about planning, this robust feature highly promotes planning. An opportunity to schedule all your fees as per your timelines is being provided to you on a platter. As you create these schedules , you can also attach date in which these fees will be visible on all students accounts that would have been selected for that particular fee. That heavy load of stress that comes with having meetings over and over again discussing issues to do with fees will be carried on the shoulders of EDUPlus.


The system has an integrated feature for payments and your school can view accounts statements ,transactions ,invoices, credit notes and debit notes . Eduplus gives you a gateway in which you can even email account statements to the parent. Your institution can now make effective and efficient payments in an advanced and prestigious way. This system does not only ensure a smooth process for online fee payment and the sending out of EMAILS to the respective parents, it also cuts down on the expense of printing double receipts for keeps and for parents .This also makes the tasks less time-consuming.


Eduplus can provide you with several different reports. Academic performance reports, daily transactions report , sports reports, inventory and stock reports can all be accessed in the system. Within a click of a button you can get all the information in a centralized space , saving you on a lot of costs and pilling up of huge files .