Library Module

Access Your Library 24/7 With Our Robust Library Module

It can’t be a school without Library materials as it acts as a base of knowledge for the Teacher, Student, and the whole. The proper management of Library is highly essential to every school and this module contributes its significance. The school gets a comprehensive with an option to manage library, inventory of books and materials, text-books & curriculum materials, circulation to Class-Libraries, staff and students, Publications and Courseware. The school may have book details and can manage e-resource Library through this module. The Library module allows the student and staff member to borrow books and also sends auto-reminders to the student or staff for the books due to be returned. The school may pull out reports related to books issued, books returned, and books to be returned. Moreover, the school may view the quantities, titles, authors of the books under different category and may determine the purchase requirement for different categories.


it’s more of an inventory of books and reading materials. You are able to enter all the books and reading materials you have at the school into the Library Module.


allows you to enter text books and curriculum materials in form of softcopies i.e Pdf, Audio type, Video type, Image, PowerPoint show and Excel Spreadsheet.