About Us

We strive to help your academic institution grow through technology
Who we are

Empowering education through technology.

We are comprised of a lean but agile team driven by an insatiable  passion for digitalisation.  The team commands over 25years of combined experience in education, technology, business and risk management to help implement solutions that grow your institution 


To provide cost effective technological solutions that will drive all academic institutions and help Africa and the world maintain a single educational record for each student throughout one's life


EDUPlus was developed to be the backbone of your school, college or training academy’s core activities and to champion your e-Education strategy and its sustenance. The solution enables you to run a hybrid physical and virtual education centre all-in-one with great efficiency at the least cost

Years of Service
Why Eduplus


Fast, Reliable, Secure and Learner-Centric

EduPlus is a comprehensively-resourced system that runs any educational or training institution from Nursery to Tertiary. It unifies educators, learners, managers, administrators and parents/ funders information exchange thereby reducing resource overheads, maximises learning time and track learners’ performance in real-time.

Student Info

Record students academic, financial, extra-curricular & disciplinary information on source and across multiple schools permanently with great integrity and security.

Student Portal

Never miss your life at school this Covid-19 period, virtually connect with your teachers, administrators and fellow students as if you are in school.

School Admin

Manage all school activities including attendance, financials, assets and library from anywhere in the world with easy. Get comprehensive analytical reports with a single click and make informed decisions

Parents Portal

Keep yourself connected with your kid in or out of school. Physically track their location and virtually track their performance, pay fees and communicate with teachers and administrators in real-time at zero costs.