Student Portal

Allows the student to access the programmes and events of the school. It opens with a login page where the students provides a username and password.

It gives access to all school offers, news and provisions. It tracks the student attendance at school and monitor every lead and activity of the student, including showing results for tests and final examinations.

The system secures student information giving the student power to protect their biodata since credentials are needed to access the information. Download school reading materials from the library online through the student portal.

Parent Portal

Opens up with a login page where a username and a password is required to access the information of a child. Keeps you connected to your child in and out of school through the tracking system for physical location and academic performance. Gives access to the parent about the school calendar of upcoming events, fees and communication between the teacher, parent and school administration is done in real time and no costs as information is received through SMS and EMAILS.

Access all your children in different school campuses on one profile and view all their homework online and get reading materials for the kids from the school Online.