Classroom Module

This module is only used by the class teacher or any other teacher who is assigned to a certain class under a course.The module simply shows all the options inside and how each and every option works.It makes the work easier and maximises the learning time therefore the class teacher/teacher will able to meet all the class requirements on time.

The module shows the number of students allocated in a class.It provides the detailed information of parents with students allocated in a particular class so that it will be easier for the teachers to report and update the parents about their students performance or any other useful information when it is necessary.The class manager will have access to the check-in and check-out of the students in a class simultaneously without pressure.Attendance register of students will be done inside the module since our goal is to make all schools paperless respectively.

The class module is where all the academic activities are done it shows the teacher and subject allocation so that it will be easier for the students to know the number and type of the subjects each and every students does.The teacher is able set the exams and assignments be it they are online /offline and automatically it reflects in the students portal for answering after the test is done results are published.Then the parents will enter the students portal using their on parential portal to see their students performance on tests and assignments.Class timetable can be shown in the module again to give an alert to every student in a class about the daily subjects