Application Features

Fast | Reliable | Learner Centric

Behind 100+ schools and training centres in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa, EDUPlus has proven to be the solution that bridges the information gap between school and home. Hosted securely on the cloud and accessible 24/7, information can be accessed ubiquitously from any web-enabled device on or off campus thereby enhancing effectiveness and efficiency.

Automate student registry, staff management, financials, inventory, meetings and events, circulars, and publications from anywhere in the world with ease. Get comprehensive analytical reports with a single click and make informed decisions.

Academic Management

Manage students' academic performance, extra-curricular, and disciplinary information, attendance registers with clock-in / clock-out, registry and enrolment, lessons and homework, timetabling, tests and exam results, library, and courseware.


Share up-to date information across stakeholders including responsible authorities, government, and school managers. Eduplus is equipped with separate dashboards presenting data in visual formats exportable into other systems for downstream analytics and policy guidance.


Share WhatsApp, online chats, bulk SMSs, email alerts and notifications between stakeholders including parents, students, administrators, teachers, and funders. These include EOT reports, financial statements, meetings, events, notices, circulars, birthdays etc.

Students Portal

Never miss your life at school, virtually connect with your teachers, administrators, and fellow students anytime. Take online lessons and tests, upload your homework, access library and courseware materials, study packs. Access personalised timetables, tests, and exam results.

Parents Portal

Keep yourself connected with learners in or out of the institution. Virtually track their location and performance, pay fees and communicate with teachers and administrators in real-time at zero costs. Book consultation appointments and access ALL your children’s records from different institutions on a single platform. Access financial accounts and statements, tests and exam results, end of term performance reports.